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Posted: Jan 31, 2013 4:48:32 am

Hi every one:

It is time to start thinking about mowing your own lawn,( except if you have our lawn service you are ahead of the game) but where do you start?

Simple question to ask your self:

Is my lawn dead or dormant?

Did i keep my water on during the winter? ( and wasted money on your water bill)

How am i going to get this lawn back into shape?

Well my friends, Simple answers: If your lawn is dead because of the frost or it was just not healthy in the first place. Start by analyzing the color of the grass: if the grass look yellow, you are in luck, It was just taking its usual winter nap ( dormant). This mean that once you put down some spring time fertilizer and the weather starts warming up, it will start getting green by its self. So no need to worry about ripping it out.

Over the winter month typically you do not need to water but some people have the believe that they should keep the water on anyways, well ( i like analogies) Its like running your cup underneath a water faucet and after a couple of seconds your cup is full, right? but you forget to turn off the water, now you have run off and that is what is causing your water bill to spike. This being said, same concept applies to your lawn, Most lawns if done right will only need to be watered 3 time a week for no more then 10 min if  you have traditional sprinkler system 4" pop up heads, More time if you have rotary sprinkler heads. But if you are over watering , the soils pours are filling up quick and allowing it to run down the stream , so next time you forget the water , you will literally see your money floating away.

I have modified my timer with a thing called a " weather man", This unit tell if there is enough moisture in the air to keep my grass green , so it doesn't need to come on during the rainy season nor keep turning on every single day in the summer if there is enough moisture in the ground, This way you save a ton of money on your water bill.
I can set up an appointment for anyone who would like to take advantage of this new system and have it installed in your home and start seeing money saved every month. 916862171

-How are you going to get your lawn back into shape: The easiest way is to call in a professional ( like JGLC lol) they have all the correct knowledge and know-how/ equipment to get it back into shape and this way you wont have to spend the next 32 week trying to get it into shape and wasting all your precious weekend time you have so desperately been looking forward to . Its easy, Its easier to invest (example 25 per service) a little bit of what you make during the week , to not have to slave for 8 hours on Saturday to get your lawn back into shape, This is when you ask yourself what is more important investing the weekend with your family and having a life outside work, Or saving $25 and hate to have your wife/ husband on your back because the lawn hasn't been mowed? lol.

Sorry i didn't tell you the hard way to get your lawn done, because its easier to get a professional to do it and it will cost your a ton less in the long run.

Thanks for listening, This was my first blog ever,


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