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The health of your lawn and landscape depends on how much water it receives during the growing season. Make sure your lawn receives not only the right amount, but at the right time of the day to remain healthy and disease free...
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About JGLC

"We are out here to make a living, not a killing."

That’s our saying and we hold strong to it.

Jose Garcia Lawn Care was founded on the principle of making a difference to all of their customers. Those differences that make up the core value of our company are:

• We are a reliable company
• We are affordable for an every day person
• We thrive to have our customers enjoy the services that we offer.

After helping endless satisfied customers, we have learned that all our typical customer wants is for someone to take care of their lawn and make it look great. In addition to this, we offer excellent customer support and emergency service to take care of anything that might occur between our customers’ service dates.

From the age of 10 years old (1996), Jose's father started to teach him that customer service was always the most important aspect of a business - especially when it came to taking care of other peoples properties. From that time on, Jose practiced the industry every single day, in order to learn the trade. Eventually, he decided to go to college to earn a degree is business administration. After earning his degree, he decided that he could actually make this business successful so that it could come back later in life and take care of his family and himself. Ultimately, Jose took this little route that he, as a kid, and his dad had developed and made it prosper into what is now known as Jose Garcia Lawn Care or J.G.L.C.

J.G.L.C services over 200 accounts and wants you to participate in the company's growth. In return, J.G.L.C. will deliver their utmost quality service with a full staff to support you with your lawn care needs and 24 hour emergency service for those days that fallen trees damage or block the entrance to your home. We are a family owned and operated business.

So, do not hesitate to give Jose a call at 916-862-1711.


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